Frooition VS 3Dsellers - Which is the Best Listing Software for eBay Sellers?

Both Frooition and 3Dsellers are famous for the listing and design tools they offer eBay merchants. But which one helps eBay sellers more? Which is best, and at what cost?

Note: this article may currently contain screenshots of previous versions of 3Dsellers and new tools/ features may not be mentioned. After reading, click here to see a full overview of all our tools.
Auctiva and 3Dsellers platform websites side by side
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Frooition is a staple for many eBay sellers, as they have been helping eBay sellers publish and design eBay listings for many years. On the other hand, their competitor, 3Dsellers, has been dominating the world of eBay apps and caused many Frooition subscribers to switch to the 3Dsellers platform.

Why are they finding 3Dsellers as the best Frooition alternative? I'll show you by running through this comparison the same way I do for my own team and clients when researching/testing services.

We'll do a quick side-by side comparison of each platform and focus on Frooition's features, and compare them directly to 3Dsellers.
Then you can decide if Frooition or 3Dsellers is a good choice or alternative software for your eBay business  

So, let’s say, to simplify this comparison, we are only really interested in:
Anything extra is a bonus (eg. emails/feedback boost/GTC automation - we'll cover everything)

Search & Compare

Let's start with an example of search results and quickly compare the two.
So, say we search for:
eBay listing template designs” OR “eBay listing software
In our search results, we read this description of Frooition (Froo Apps):
www.frooition.com Frooition - software from certified eBay design provider Frooition is a popular eBay template and E-commerce website designer. They provide online sellers with eBay listing templates and website designs for BigCommerce/Shopify . Frooition also supplies listing software to help eBay sellers publish and update items with ease. may not reflect actual search result
and give it a quick compare it to 3Dsellers’ overview:
www.3Dsellers.com 3Dsellers - All-in-One eBay Solution Known as the one-stop-shop for eBay sellers, 3Dsellers' large variety of tools help eBay sellers brand/market, manage, and automate their eBay business. A few of their eBay tools include: listing template designer, buyer feedback boost, eBay listing software, and eBay email marketing. may not reflect actual search result
At first glance, we see 3Dsellers offers a lot more features, where Frooition is focused on designs and listing tools.

In these next sections, we'll take a first-hand look at the differences based on eBay listing templates and eBay publishing software:

eBay Listing Designer & Templates

Frooition listing design templates can be purchased in platform.
For more features, you can also upgrade your account after consultation with Frooition team.
On the other hand, 3Dsellers provides templates you can customize (even HTML) in an editor with every subscription.

Here's a first day, side-by-side, "box opening" analysis

Frooition Software: Design Templates

Frooition offers a list of pre-designed templates which you can purchase individually.

For custom designs and more customization features, you will need to consult with Frooition and upgrade your account.
Screenshot of Frooition eBay listing designer templates.
It looks like adding a logo is about as close as we’ll get with editing these designs without upgrading/consultation.

But they are still decent templates none-the-less.
Screenshot of Frooition eBay listing designer templates editor.
On their platform, we can see six listing templates you can purchase for $135 each.

Note, the templates are the same, but with different colors:
Screenshot of multiple Frooition eBay listing designer templates side by side to compare.
Applying your designs in bulk and managing your listings includes a simple toolbar with few extra features we will cover later on.

Froo Apps: “Froo! Template Themes”

At $30/mo, we have full access to hundreds of templates.

Note they are still same, non-content-customizable content layout for each template:
Screenshot of Froo Apps eBay listing designer templates.
When using Frooition’s apps to apply listing designs to your items, the options and interface is very basic and includes simple search functions:

3Dsellers: Listing Designer

We see a big list of different looking templates that we can customize, save, and apply to any template.

(You can create as many designs as you want without extra cost)
Side by side comparison of multiple eBay listing design templates by 3Dsellers ultimate eBay selling manager.
Inside 3Dsellers’ listing designer, we have the ability to customize everything.

From the order of sections, to the font, and even the HTML/CSS code.

We can also freely choose any products we want to cross-promote:
Screenshot of 3Dsellers' eBay listing design template editor.
When applying saved designs with 3Dsellers, we can use advanced filters to search for items with certain criteria, as well as a search bar for title/sku/item ID.

Then, you can simply select and apply templates in bulk to the right listings.
Screenshot of 3Dsellers' eBay Listing Designer tool's ability to filter listings to apply templates in bulk to specific types of items.
Bonus: there’s even a “rules” area that lets us automatically apply different templates based on their category:
Screenshot of 3Dsellers' eBay Listing Designer tool's ability to automatically cross-promote your other eBay listings by eBay Category, or Store Category.

Frooition listing designs templates? or 3Dsellers eBay Listing Designer?

Frooition’s main templates are organized and look decent on listings, but as busy merchants, I don’t think it’s good to pay to spend time in a consultation to change a design template or pay $135 for a design with a different background. And, if we want to apply designs to different categories we'll need more versatility and filtering options.

Where 3Dsellers gives me nothing to complain about. We can customize/publish as many design templates as we want with no fees or consultations. We’ll even be able to fast/automatically apply designs to groups of listings. As long as 3Dsellers’ price is right, I’d say 3Dsellers wins the ‘best listing templates’ competition. (I’ll inspect the pricing models here soon.) 

eBay Listing Software

Frooition has 4 main tools available for publishing items to eBay:
Screenshot of Frooition's sidebar menu.
  • Listing Profiles,
  • Live Listings,
  • Bulk Revision,
  • and Media Hosting.
Let’s do a quick, side-by-side analysis of each tool’s features with what we find on 3Dsellers.

Frooition: "Listing Profiles"

“Listing Profiles” is essentially Frooition's version of an eBay listing and draft creator.
You can use it to:
  • Create listings
  • Choose a listing design
  • Cross-Promote other Listings
  • Drafts/Sell Similar
  • Export Listings
  • Import Listings
Let’s give these features a comparison with 3Dsellers.

Creating an eBay listing

Frooition walks-through creating new listings (profiles) with a step-by-step form:
Screenshot of Frootion's Listing Profiles feature.
The inputs are organized, a little small, but organized:
Screenshot of Frootion's Listing Profile editor.
With 3Dsellers, we don’t have to create listings step-by-step, we can freely edit what we want -when we want with tabs:
Screenshot of 3Dsellers' eBay Listing Manager's editor to create and revise eBay listings.
3Dsellers form inputs feel clean and are easy to navigate:
Screenshot of 3Dsellers' eBay Listing Manager's editor to create and revise eBay listings.

Choosing a Listing Design

With Frooition, we can choose one of those $135 listing designs we talked about earlier, or get a consultation about a bigger designing service:
Screenshot of Frootion's Listing Design Manager.
3Dsellers allows us to select any of our unlimited listing templates that we’ve designed or customized:
Screenshot of 3Dsellers' eBay Listing Manager's ability to add a template while editing a listing.

Cross-Promote other eBay Items

Frooition provides a section to cross-promote 4 other eBay items; either suggested, or custom by item ID:
Screenshot of Frootion's static link eBay cross-promotion settings.
3Dsellers lets us cross-promote as many listings as we want with advanced search and bulk-select.

You can even have 3Dsellers' Listing Designer automatically select listings from the same eBay/Store category.
Screenshot of 3Dsellers' eBay Listing Designer's static cross-promoted item settings, allowing search and select.

Drafts & Sell Similar (copy eBay listings)

In Frooition, if one of our profiles (listings) is published, we can use the “copy profile” button as a ‘sell similar’-like feature.
Screenshot of Frootion's feature to duplicate a Listing Profile.
With 3Dsellers, we get our own “drafts” (unpublished listings) folder with “duplicate” buttons: 
Screenshot of 3Dsellers' eBay Listing Manager's Drafts feature, highlighting the ability to sell similar by duplicating listings.
For active listings on 3Dsellers, we also get a dedicated “sell similar” feature & “duplicate“ buttons.

We can even copy live listings to our drafts folder:
Screenshot of 3Dsellers' eBay Listing Manager's duplicate listings features.

Export Listings

With Frooition, the export feature has the option of BigCommerce/Shopify templates and a custom CSV export where you can choose which data you want to include in your CSV:
Screenshot of Frootion's feature to export eBay Listings.
Heads up: Frooition will export all of your listings (profiles).

We aren’t able to select different listings to export.
Screenshot of Frootion's feature to export eBay items to a CSV.
With 3Dsellers Listing Software, we can filter/select any items, then click a button to download all of the selected items’ listing data as a CSV:

(“all items” option also available)
Screenshot of 3Dsellers' features to export eBay listings to a CSV.
Or we can use 3Dsellers Export CSV tool to customize which data is exported and use filters to export groups of listings:
Screenshot of 3Dsellers' features to export eBay listings to a CSV.

Importing Listings

With Frooition, we can import listings (Froo profiles) into our account.

A few E-commerce websites’ CSV formats are accepted and “custom.”
Screenshot of 3Dsellers' feature to import eBay listings with a CSV.
After testing a Frooition “custom” CSV import:
  • I uploaded a CSV with 10 data columns
  • Their system only sees 3 columns.
  • That means we’ll have to change the column titles of CSVs before uploading.
Screenshot of Frootion's feature to import eBay listing from a CSV.
With 3Dsellers, we there's a simple pop up to upload our CSV.

We can even update our pre-existing products:
Screenshot of 3Dsellers' feature to import eBay listings with a CSV.
After uploading to 3Dsellers, we can simply map our CSV.

The names of our column headers do not matter:
Screenshot of 3Dsellers' feature to import eBay listings with a CSV.

Who wins the best eBay listing (profile) creator?

Right off the bat, I’d have to say: 3Dsellers, hands down.

There are at least twice the abilities in 3Dsellers for every feature in Frooition. They provide more freedom to edit, export, import, and their platform pretty much just has greater versatility. 

Plus, there are many other features in 3Dsellers Listing Software that I didn’t talk about: Alerts, Recommended Pricing Calculator, advanced filtering options; we may run into them later in our review, but If not, they’re certainly worth noting.

Note: Frooition would probably have it’s advantages for some newer sellers though, as it’s simplified enough to get someone used to working with 3rd party eBay listing tools. Though as a seller continues on Frooition and their sales increase and start needing to update and find certain groups of listings, or manage drafts and copy/import listings easier, then, it’d be time to try something like 3Dsellers.

Frooition: "Live Listings" (eBay Listing Management Dashboard)

Frooition Live Listings is a lot like Listing Profiles, but for editing and applying designs to live eBay items.

Let’s see if it holds up to 3Dsellers.
With Frooition, we find a basic search and non-customizable filter/sorting buttons.

You can edit and apply designs to your listings.
Screenshot of Frootion's Active Listings tool bar.
Where 3Dsellers provides a full-blown workstation.

We can search by category,  ended listings folder, eBay draft listings folder, and a “bulk actions” selection. 3Dsellers allows us to:
  • use advanced custom filters,
  • apply template designs in bulk,
  • search/filter by category,
  • hide/show data columns,
  • 1 click easy sorting,
  • set SEO options,
  • use an ended listings & drafts folders,
  • select items & make bulk changes
  • export, import, & more
Screenshot of 3Dsellers' Listings Manager's extensive eBay editing features.

Who wins the best eBay Listing Management Dashboard?

I think it’s a best bet to go with 3Dsellers on this one. There are just so many more capabilities.

There’s even a “tags” feature in 3Dsellers to tag items and use them in a custom search filter. Staying super organized is easy. Finding items and groups of products goes quickly. And 3Dsellers has some serious bulk updating (including templates).

3Dsellers Listing Software is also where we can duplicate items, set a wholesale price for an eBay price calculator, export anything we need to, see our drafts, copy listings to other eBay accounts, and, well I guess I should stop. Maybe we’ll get into these features later!

Frooition: “Bulk Revision” (bulk eBay listing updates)

Frooition Bulk Revision is a tool that lets you bulk-update listings.

As I’ve said before, 3Dsellers Listing Software lets you do this without a separate tool, but nevertheless, let’s compare:
With Frooition Bulk Revision, we can bulk update as many listings as we need with new data.

In order to use this feature, your subscriptions a start at $80/month.
Screenshot of Frootipn's feature to bulk-revise eBay listings.
Included with every 3Dsellers subscription is the ability to bulk update any number of listings with no extra cost.

We can update a selection of listings with Bulk Actions, or upload a CSV with new data:
Screenshot of 3Dsellers' Listings Manager's extensive eBay editing features.

Who wins the best eBay bulk revision (item updates) software?

Because 3Dsellers gives every subscription level the same bulk updating (revision) capabilities, and I know they’re lowest subscription price is well below $80,  I’d have to say they win. 

Especially when Frooition has a separate tool for bulk updates, and 3Dsellers lets you do update in bulk, right from Listing Software’s dashboard.

Frooition: “Media Hosting” (image & video hosting for eBay)

Frooition offers a separate tool for hosting images to use in your descriptions. Does it outmatch 3Dsellers?
Depending on your subscription plan, Frooition will host from 50MB - 3TB of images and videos.

(video hosting begins at the second tier pricing)
Screenshot of Frootion's Image Hosting Widget.
Any video or photo uploaded to 3Dsellers for descriptions, design templates, a webstore, eBay Store Designer, emails and more is automatically hosted for with no extra cost.
Screenshot of image uploaded to 3Dseller's rich text editor.

Who wins the best listing eBay Media & Image Hosting?

Frooition charges for storage, but 3Dsellers hosts unlimited media at no cost.

I think it's safe to say the best bang-for-your-buck is 3Dsellers.

Pricing & Extra 3Dsellers Tools

And onto the big judgment call. What’s it going to cost?

Is 3Dsellers worth all the features?
Is Frooition worth the pricey design templates, updates & media?

Let’s breakdown the features and what’s included in each platforms’ pricing in an easy-view chart:
Plan Pricing
for features
All Plans
as low as $14.99/mo
Create Listings starts at
$10/mo - 300 Listings

Unlimited listings
Quick Edit starts at
$10/mo - 300 Listings

Unlimited listings
Sell Similar starts at
$10/mo - 300 Listings

Unlimited listings
CSV Import starts at
$10/mo - 300 Listings

Unlimited listings
Support starts at
$10/mo - 300 Listings

50MB Image Hosting starts at
$10/mo - 300 Listings

Video Hosting starts at
$35/mo - 5000 Listings

1GB Image Hosting starts at
$35/mo - 5000 Listings

Bulk Revision starts at
$80/mo - 10000 Listings

3TB Image Hosting starts at
$80/mo - 10000 Listings

Multi Channel eBay Export starts at
$150/mo - Unlimited Listings

as low as $19.99/mo
Listing Designer
Feedback Booster
Email Marketing
SEO Tags
Inventory Manager
Auto-end GTC
Video Maker
PDF Catalog
Image Editor
As we can see, 3Dsellers offerers all of the features of Frooition to every pricing tier, and includes an incredible amount of useful tools starting at only $14.99/mo. 

Even though Frooition’s starting price is $10, you’ll only be able to manage 300 listings and 50MB of images, where 3Dsellers is unlimited everything. And, no matter where you’re at, the savings on multiple template designs alone are enough to use 3Dsellers.

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